MCC Podcast: Episode 4: From Banking to Blackboard: Bringing the Best of Business to Higher Ed with Dr. Angel Resto
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Episode 4: From Banking to Blackboard: Bringing the Best of Business to Higher Ed With Dr. Angel Resto

Episode 4 Summary

In Episode 4, we meet Dr. Angel Resto, Director of Business Programs at Midwestern Career College. With over 18 years of experience in the banking and credit union industries, Dr. Resto brought extensive real-world experience to academia. However, it was through teaching financial literacy courses that he discovered his true passion for education. This led him to pursue higher degrees and transition fully into higher education.

As Director, Dr. Resto draws on his diverse background to provide students with a well-rounded business education. He also shares insights gained from his non-traditional path, such as a deeper understanding of non-traditional learners and how to foster student success. In this engaging discussion, Dr. Resto provides valuable perspectives on pivoting careers, bridging the gap between business and education, and gaining fresh insights through unconventional pathways.


  • Blazing Your Own Trail: Succeeding Through Non-Traditional Career Pathways. Dr. Resto’s journey pivoting from banking director to higher education administrator and researcher illustrates the potential of exploring unconventional options.
  • Finding Your Passion: Many Pathways To One’s True Calling. Dr. Resto shares how providing financial literacy training led him to find his true calling in education despite beginning his career in banking.
  • Bridging Theory and Practice: Leveraging Real-World Experience in Academia. With over 18 years working in finance, Dr. Resto is able to draw meaningful connections between classroom learning and professional application in his role developing business programs.
  • Adapting to Change: Preparing Students for Evolving Career Landscapes. By emphasizing both technical and soft skills, Dr. Resto aims to give students resources to navigate shifting job market needs.

Episode 4 Quotes

“So I decided to go back to the credit union world, which is a complete different financial institution. I spent I think, was 13 more years or 14 more years. And then higher ed, came to my heart, and teaching and I fell in love with teaching.” – [0:07:52]

“And working for the credit union. We did a lot of community services, and I was able to go out to the communities and provide financial literacy to many different communities in Chicago. And I loved that contact with people. And the branch that I was managing was in a it was more of a Hispanic community. And I noticed a lot of need in terms of knowledge and education about finance and banking within the community. So somehow in that process, I just enjoyed the teaching aspect of that. And, and, and I really liked it. ” – [0:11:13]

“I oversee three programs [at MCC], the Accounting, Marketing and Business Administration programs. And I make sure that our students get the best learning experience that they are able to acquire in higher education.” – [0:11:37]

“But that’s why I want to be that kind of connection between those two worlds, because sometimes they don’t communicate well. So as an administrator, I would like to provide that type of environment where student can establish good relationships with students, I mean, with teachers and vice versa, because that’s how we are able to create a much stronger sense of belonging for everyone, not only student but also for teachers. And that enhances the learning environment for everyone. ” – [26:06]

“And we need to make sure that we are able to personalize our, our approach to ensure that every single one of our students can be successful. And of course, it’s not a simple task. It’s not easy, it takes time and resources. But that’s the goal for us to give every student the tools that they need. So we’re trying to foster an equitable academic environment where wherever you are, wherever you come from, you can be successful. ” – [33:57]


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