MCC Podcast: Episode 3: Music, Cooking, and Community: Passions That Connect Us with Shaudy Martinez
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Episode 3: Music, Cooking, and Community: Passions That Connect Us With Shaudy Martinez

Episode 3 Summary

This podcast episode features an interview with Shaudy Martinez, an international student from Venezuela who now works at MCC helping other international students. In the interview, Shaudy discusses her journey of coming to Chicago to learn English, study business and marketing, and eventually get a job at MCC. She also talks about her previous career as a television producer in Venezuela and her passions for music, singing, and cooking. The host and Shaudy share stories about growing up in Guatemala and Venezuela. Shaudy provides advice for other international students thinking of studying in the US and says that Chicago feels like her home.


  • Student Community and Support: International students can find a community and support system in their host country’s ESL programs. Shaudy discusses how she met lifelong friends from around the world through her ESL classes in Chicago.
  • Expanding Career Prospects: Pursuing additional education, such as associate’s degrees, can help international students expand their career prospects and options for remaining in the US. Shaudy earned degrees in business and marketing at MCC.
  • Shaping One’s Passions And Skills: Previous careers and experiences, like Shaudy’s background as a television producer, can shape one’s passions and skills in new and unexpected ways.
  • Cooking As A Rewarding Hobby: Cooking can be a rewarding hobby that provides stress relief and opportunities to try new cuisines. Shaudy shares her love of cooking shows and obsession with recipes.
  • Strong Sense Of Home: Spending significant time in a new country, like the 9 years Shaudy has lived in Chicago, can lead one to develop a strong sense of home and belonging in their new community.

Episode 3 Quotes

“If you want to do it, just do it. Because there are no reasons that can limit not just your dreams. I mean, if it’s a dream, of course, dreams can come true. And you have to work for that. But you will never regret to do or to have an experience like this one.” [0:16:33-0:17:12]

“I’m a producer in my veins. Yes. In my heart. And in my mind, I always have that mentality.” [0:09:47-0:09:55]

“I’m very musical. I have like, two tattoos related to music. Yes. And yeah, I love music. I love concerts. I love classical music. I love everything related to music. I can cry if I listen in a good song is like, I’m very emotional with music.” [0:23:55-0:24:09]

“Chicago, I feel Chicago like is my home. I’m being I’ve been here for nine years. Yeah, next year is going to be my 10th anniversary. So every time I go, I visit another state just for vacation. I tried to compare like, Okay, let me see what I can see here. Or if I feel like I can live in another city. And at the end of the day is like, oh, no, no, no, no, let’s go back home. Let’s go back home.” [0:27:01-0:27:24]


International students, Venezuela, Chicago, English learning, Television producer, Cooking, Singing, Music, Guatemala, Career advice

Campus Connections – Episode 3

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