MCC Podcast: Episode 2: From Financial Aid to Soccer Fields: Navigating the Beautiful Game with Drew Wentzel
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Episode 2: From Financial Aid to Soccer Fields: Navigating the Beautiful Game with Drew Wentzel

Episode 2 Summary

This episode of Campus Connection features an interview with Drew Wentzel, a Financial Aid coordinator at MCC. Drew discusses her background growing up playing soccer and studying art as an undergrad. She talks about gravitating towards higher education roles after college, where she enjoyed advising and mentoring students. Drew and host Giovanni discuss their experiences playing soccer through college, and now coaching their own kids. They debate whether it’s better to lose a championship game by one goal or get blown out. This engaging conversation entwines reminiscences on both educational and athletic experiences.


  • Navigating Academic Pathways: The podcast sheds light on the dynamic nature of academic progression, emphasizing how students often navigate through multiple degree programs or change course directions throughout their educational journey, highlighting the importance of adaptability and exploration in finding one’s academic passion.
  • Embracing Educational Flexibility: Listeners are encouraged to embrace the concept of educational flexibility, recognizing that the journey towards academic success may involve shifts in interests, goals, and career pathways, underscoring the value of open-mindedness and resilience in responding to changing academic landscapes.
  • Learning from Setbacks: The conversation delves into how experiences in sports, such as facing defeat or overcoming obstacles, can parallel academic challenges, offering valuable lessons in resilience, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • Academic Support Systems: Reflecting on personal experiences, the podcast explores the role of academic support systems, including educators, coaches, and peers, in nurturing student success both on the field and in the classroom.
  • Integration of Academics and Athletics: The episode concludes with a discussion on the integration of academics and athletics within a junior college environment, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between academic achievement and athletic performance in shaping well-rounded individuals.

Episode 2 Quotes

“I knew I wanted to stay in higher ed. And when I went home, I ended up taking a position over at Colorado Technical University at their Schaumburg location out in the suburbs, and was in the admissions department. And it turned out to be very much like a call center. So I found out really quickly, selling education over the phone was very, very hard for me.” [03:48]

“I really gravitated towards that kind of environment, just being in higher ed. And I think I’ve also gravitated towards that level of student. I like having those conversations where I can talk to them as adults, but still help them understand what college is meant to be how it’s meant to help you and how can really shape the rest of your life.” [10:24]

“A great coach has the ability like we’ve seen, take them to new heights championships, World Cup gold, and then you can also see them crash and burn, even with the talent that they have. If teams can’t come together, and if coaching staff can’t provide support, and help nurture what they can naturally do, then it doesn’t matter how much talent you have in the world.” [24:10]


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