Mission and Vision | Midwestern Career College achieves its mission

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Provide premier career-focused education to empower students with academic training, technical expertise, and professional support to launch or advance their successful careers.

Our Vision

Transform lives through preparing students for career success.

Institutional Goals

Midwestern Career College achieves its mission by:

  • Offering career-oriented training programs that provide entry-level skills to graduates or that enable those
    already in the field to achieve career goals and advancement
  • Employing a committed staff of professional instructors who possess excellent subject knowledge and
    technical skills
  • Teaching an up-to-date curriculum consistent with requirements of the credentialing agency
  • Providing hands-on training that results in practical knowledge and student confidence
  • Providing access to classrooms, laboratories and clinical externship facilities to fulfill program objectives
  • Providing appropriate clinical externship opportunities that give our students real-world experience
  • Striving to meet and exceed institutional academic benchmarks
  • Providing placement assistance to graduates

Conceptual Framework

Midwestern Career College (MCC) is committed to operate based on the following principles:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Diversity

Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles and honesty.

MCC’s educators will:

  • demonstrate appropriate standards of conduct and ethical behavior congruent with their profession;
  • be honest and show moral uprightness;
  • always choose truthfulness and accuracy of actions;
  • act according to the values, beliefs, and principles of MCC.

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding.

MCC’s educators will:

  • demonstrate excellence in academic knowledge and skills;
  • surpass ordinary standards;
  • have a commitment to continuous professional development;
  • impact all students’ learning and development in a positive way;
  • engage in reflective practice;
  • utilize instructional methods that address students from all learning styles.

Diversity is the inclusion of people from different races or cultures in an organization.

MCC’s educators will:

  • respect and support diversity in educational settings as related to, family structures, religion, beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, values, and socioeconomic status;
  • be open to learning from the diversity of our students, be aware of our assumptions, and be open minded;
  • build collaborative relationships that aid and support students’ learning and development;
  • educate and model for students how to function in a diverse world and workplace.
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