Support and Orientation

Support and Orientation


Student Orientation takes place a week before the program start date. At orientation, students can meet other new students, get their picture taken for their student ID, and learn information about the following topics:

  • Attendance Policies
  • F-1 Status and Immigration Regulations
  • Housing & Medical Insurance
  • Academic Resources
  • Student Activities
  • Cultural Differences

At the end of orientation, students have time to ask questions and gather resources on the topics covered during the presentation. Orientation slides are available here.

New students are required to attend orientation. If the student is unable to attend orientation, it is recommended that the student schedule an appointment with the International Student Advisor/DSO to review the information missed.


International students should make their housing arrangements in advance before they arrive in Chicago. Midwestern Career College does not provide housing  accommodations.

How to find housing?

  • Look for an apartment listing website
  • Contact the owner via email or by phone
  • Visit the apartment with a friend
  • Ask questions about price, safety, utilities
  • Sign the contract/lease
  • Ensure that everything is in writing!

What are additional costs when renting an apartment?

  • Application Fee
  • Security Deposit
  • Move-in Fee

Chicago Neighborhoods

Make sure to research the different Chicago neighborhoods before viewing an apartment – //

What are some general housing and relocation services?


These resources are for long-term housing options and rental companies will most likely have the student sign a 1-year contract.

Temporary Housing

Hostels are temporary housing options where payment is based on how many nights you’re staying.


A homestay is a housing option where students would live with a family. They would provide furniture and possibly meals.

Additional frequently asked questions on housing can be found here –

MCC is not affiliated with the 3rd party housing and relocation services listed above.

Health Insurance

International Students at Midwestern Career College are encouraged to get health insurance. Medical expenses in the United States can be extremely high so it’s important to understand health insurance and where to go for health care. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the company, request information, and determine the coverage that best meets your individual needs.

Health insurance options:

PSI Health Insurance

ISO Student Health Insurance

iNext International Health Insurance

International Student Insurance

MCC is not affiliated with the 3rd party insurance providers listed above.

Medical centers in the US:

There are different kinds of medical centers for different problems in the United States. Walk-in clinics are used for minor illnesses or vaccinations. Urgent care is used for non-life-threatening emergencies. Hospital or emergency rooms are used for life-threatening medical conditions that require immediate attention. A pharmacy is where students can purchase medication or pick-up prescribed medicine from a doctor.


  • Minor illnesses (Throat, Eye, Ear pain and more)
  • Vaccinations (Influenza, Hepatitis A & B and more)


Non-life threatening emergencies (Minor fractures in fingers or toes, skin rashes and infections, vomiting, diarrhea, or dehydration, cuts that don’t involve much blood but might need stitches)


All life threatening medical conditions (Broken bone, serious head, neck, or back injury, etc.)

Wellness Center

Go here for student wellness resources: MCC Student Wellness Center.

How to get a U.S. Phone Number

If a U.S phone hasn’t been purchased, MCC provides students with a SIM card which students can pick-up from the International Student Advisor/DSO and get a U.S Phone number.



Purchasing Flights

Midwestern Career College has partnered with StudentUniverse to assist our participating students in finding the most convenient routes and the most affordable prices for your overseas travel.

Midwestern Career College Flight Search Page

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