MCC Podcast: Episode 1: From Germany to Chicago: Embracing New Experiences and Opportunities with Jessica Karim

MCC Podcast: Campus Connections

Episode 1: From Germany to Chicago: Embracing New Experiences and Opportunities with Jessica Karim

Episode 1 Summary

In this, our first episode of Campus Connections, we connect with Jessica Karim, an international student and social media creator at MCC. Jessica shares her remarkable journey from Germany to Chicago, emphasizing the importance of embracing new experiences and challenges. She discusses the transformative power of learning a new language, her positive experiences at Midwestern Career College, and the value of international student community engagement. Jessica’s story is an inspiring testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to step out of their comfort zones.


  • The Power of Language: Jessica underscores how learning a new language, such as English, opens doors to endless opportunities and enriching experiences, enabling individuals to connect with diverse cultures worldwide.
  • Adapting to Change: Her personal journey from Germany to Chicago highlights that, while moving to a new country can be challenging, children often adapt quickly, and the experience can be life-changing for both parents and kids.
  • Community Engagement: Jessica’s initiative of providing campus tours to new international students fosters a sense of belonging and helps newcomers navigate their way in a foreign environment.
  • Professional and Personal Growth: Pursuing education at Midwestern Career College has not only expanded her career prospects but also allowed her to grow personally, developing skills and confidence that will serve her well in the future.
  • The Global Value of English: Learning English is not just about communication; it’s a global asset that opens doors to employment and experiences in various countries.

Episode 1 Quotes

“I think first of all, I would tell because I know that people who have kids, maybe kind of afraid to do the step because they think they do something. They take the kids from the environment from the comfort zone, but kids are really, they adapt things much more faster than adults.” – [0:19:23]

“So I decided to do make a tour to a campus tour and a tour right around what’s around the campus because our campuses directly in downtown Chicago. And you can see a lot and so I gave them some really important good to know points around our campus for especially for students that are totally new.” – [0:22:10]

“My teachers always were really supportive, even when you say something wrong, because in the beginning, I remember I was like, oh my God, I cannot understand them, maybe, or hopefully I will understand, but they are so supportive.” – [0:14:45]

“I always would recommend it. And I’m not saying it because I did it by myself. It’s just I have the experience with MCC when I came because I started learning English.” – [0:14:45]

“When I came here, it was when I moved here and never went here before it was the day when I moved here. I also fell in love with Chicago because the river the lake, it’s so it’s just amazing. Just the vibe here it’s, it’s great.” – [0:11:01]


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Campus Connections – Episode 1

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