Articulation Agreement: St. Francis College

Articulation Agreement: St. Francis College

The agreement between St. Francis College (SFC) and Midwestern Career College (MCC) stipulates the benefits to students who transfer from Midwestern Career College to St. Francis College with Associate of Applied Science degrees and Certificate Programs from Midwestern Career College into St. Francis College’s Bachelor of Science degree programs.

The benefits to students noted here reflect the commitment that St. Francis College has to further its partnership with Midwestern Career College, and its respect for how well prepared Midwestern Career College students are to continue their education at St. Francis College.

Transfer of Credits

Midwestern Career College graduates are eligible to receive up to a maximum of 98 transfer credits. Completion of a MCC program will receive 60 transfer credits.

Students who complete Midwestern Career College or other college earned coursework will be evaluated for credits.

St. Francis College (SFC) offers credits to students who qualify for work/life experience via Prior Learning Assessment through standardized examinations (i.e., CLEP, DSST, CXC, etc.), military training, foreign coursework and or portfolio submission and review.

SFC will prepare MCC students to meet their professional advisors who will determine which courses they will need to fulfill their degree requirements. Students may meet with Professional Advisors in the Academic Advisement Office to identify which requirements have been completed. Students may also visit the University’s website at to access degree requirements.


The following scholarships and awards are applicable.

SFC Undergraduate Programs

MCC graduates pursuing an Associate of Bachelor’s degree will receive a rate of $400 per credit hour.

MCC students who are accepted and enroll full-time directly into St. Francis College’s Associate or B.S. degree programs and who immediately following graduation from St. Francis College Associate and/or B.S. programs will be eligible for a tuition discount/scholarship into SFC’s Master’s degree programs at $450 per credit hour. Further information may be found at

SFC Master’s degree Programs

MCC students who already possess a Bachelor’s degree and are interested in obtaining a Master’s degree will receive a rate of $450 per credit hour.

  1. MCC graduates who receive the discount rate/scholarships are NOT eligible for additional SFC scholarships.
  2. Not eligible for SFC need based or other institutional aid
  3. Can utilize Tuition Reimbursement and external scholarships

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