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Career Tip: Starting Your Job Search

Career Tip: Starting Your Job Search

Welcome to the MCC Job Search Tips, designed to answer questions and provide information to make your job search productive and less stressful.

Graduating with a strong professional identity is exciting and fulfilling. The process of finding the job that is the right fit in your chosen field can be overwhelming. First, take time to feel good about having decided to choose your professional direction. That’s usually the hardest part.

Now it’s just a matter of knowing what, how and when to turn your education into a career by finding a job. Our plan is to take you through the steps of what we recommend to secure employment, and today’s tip is to get organized! We suggest the following:

  1. Conduct research on your field. For example, if you’re going to be a Medical Assistant, gather as much information as you can about the position. Your classroom has been given you the necessary tools and formal education to be a Medical Assistant. Now you should read job descriptions in different types of settings for additional perspective on what to expect. Of course, you never know what a job really demands until you are the one doing it, but this can help prepare you.
  2. Create a list of negotiable and nonnegotiable items. For example, if you plan on working a second job, you’ll need a specific schedule. Also, the location of the job is extremely important (take Chicago winters into consideration). Travel can play a major role on many levels, including the cost of travel and the wear and tear it can have on your system.
  3. As you search for a job, use your time wisely. Create a schedule so you don’t waste time. Set specific daily goals. For example, make sure you get up before 9:00 a.m. Begin your day by dedicating two hours to looking for jobs and applying online to positions that interest you. Set aside time for networking at events or on LinkedIn.

We strongly encourage you to keep a list of each job that interests you and those you send a resume or application to. Documentation is essential if you want to remain organized.

These are just a few tips to get started.

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