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Career Tip: How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

By now, you’ve probably realized today’s job search tip is on the topic of resumes.  The good news is that MCC offers assistance with creating and developing resumes specifically designed for your needs, but we need your participation as well.

Resumes are used for a number of reasons, but they are primarily used to secure employment. Just remember, a resume is a BRIEF account of your education, qualifications, and previous experience, not a long autobiographical piece including information that is not at all relevant to the position you are applying to. A typical resume contains a summary of relevant strengths designed to catch the reader’s eye. Remember, it is the perception of the reader, not the intention of the writer that will get you the interview. Consider the format that will best highlight your qualities, and of course, proof the content several times to avoid embarrassing mistakes. A careless error could cost you an interview. Make sure you include key words related to your field, and include accomplishments if you can. As a student, your hands-on experience might be limited, so you can focus on the courses you’ve mastered that are essential for your chosen career, the work ethic you bring to the table, your ability to quickly grasp concepts and take direction well, and your commitment to accuracy, among others.

Your resume is a major introduction to a potential employer and an essential part of securing an interview. It provides a snapshot of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and how serious you are about pursuing the position. Employers depend on a resume as a primary tool for selecting candidates, so catching their interest is extremely important. Take time to reflect upon your education, past jobs that had a connection to your ultimate goal, and the skills that would impress a future employer. Many times, you’ll need a cover letter. (Yes, next week, that’s what we will be discussing.)

Don’t forget to talk to MCC’ Career Services Department if you want assistance in developing your resume. Again, we want your input.  Do you feel this column is helpful? Is there something specific you would like discussed in regard to your job search? Please contact us at

Until next time . . . graduation is not that far away!

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