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Workplace Writing English for English Language Learners

Midwestern Career College’s Workplace Writing for English Language Learners program helps non-native speakers develop writing skills in English as they learn basic forms and functions of business writing. Students will learn how to analyze audience and purpose; organize routine, good-news, and bad-news messages; and edit for style as well as grammar, mechanics, and usage. Types of business writing include emails, blogs, letters, summaries, and reports. An emphasis of the course is writing as a recursive process that involves editing and revision, and the role of peer feedback in that process.  

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Chicago MainTBA9/12/2022$1,500/term
Program Length: 11 weeks/term


This program is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE).

Program Objectives 

After successfully completing this program/course, students should be able to: 

  • Write clear, complete, and polite three-paragraph business e-mails and memos that are correctly formatted and include all genre parts (e.g., To, From, Date, Subject lines, salutation, and complimentary close). 
  • Write clear, complete, and polite three-paragraph business letters that are correctly formatted and include all genre parts (e.g. heading, dateline, inside address, salutation, complimentary close, enclosure, copy notation). 
  • Apply the “you attitude” to written business communications. 
  • Apply the “Four A’s” — Attention, Appeal, Application, Action — to create effective sales letters. 
  • Organize messages effectively by applying the direct pattern to good news and the indirect pattern to bad news. 
  • Compose brief, accurate, correctly paraphrased summaries of business articles. 
  • Write clear, complete, chronologically organized sets of instructions. 
  • Compose clear, complete proposals and short reports that adhere to principles of persuasion. 
  • Create clear, correctly documented graphic aids (e.g., tables, charts, pictograms). 
  • Identify cultural differences that commonly cause problems in written cross-cultural communications and ways to overcome them. 
  • Apply principles of English grammar, mechanics, and usage when writing, editing, and revising. 

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