Be A Surgical Tech | What Surgical Technologists See Every Day

What Surgical Technologists See Every Day

Surgical Technologists play a vital role in the operating room. The field is growing and new surgical techs are always in demand. But before you jump into the profession, you should know what you’ll see once you get there. Any surgical tech will tell you surgical technology isn’t like much else. Here are a few things you can expect to see a lot of if you decide to join the proud ranks of surgical technologists:

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  1. Blood and guts: In the operating room (OR), people get opened up. You will get up close and personal with lots of organs and fluids that we all have in our bodies but that most people have never actually seen. Thanks to this experience, you’ll have a much more intimate knowledge of what goes on inside the human body. As a bonus, you’ll probably never be grossed out by oozing or bleeding you see outside of work.
  2. All kinds of injuries and diseases: People come in for surgery because they have a problem that only a surgeon can fix. That means you’ll see diseased organs, severe burns, shattered bones and all sorts of things that the average person would shudder to think about. On the plus side, this means you won’t be phased by minor injuries outside of work, because you’ll know just how much worse it can be.
  3. Your hands in front of you: Maintaining a sterile field means keeping your arms in front of you and above waist level at all times. Beyond being required for the operating room, it’s also a good bicep workout.
  4. LOTS of instruments: Surgeons use a lot of specialized tools in the OR. Surgical techs need to count them, ensure they are ready, and hand them to the surgeon when needed. You’ll get to see hundreds of pieces of equipment that each have their unique purposes.

Sound intense? It is. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. Surgical techs are directly involved in lifesaving procedures. As a surgical technologist, you can see the difference you make every day you go to work. To learn more about Midwestern Career College’s Surgical Technologist Training Program, call (312) 236-9000 or email

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