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Become a Sterile Processing Technician

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Feb 22, 2023

Sterile processing is a rewarding career with accessible entry-level jobs and professional growth. Sterile processing technicians are a crucial part of healthcare as they ensure all instruments and equipment are sterilized and safe to use in surgical procedures. They are instrumental in eliminating infections and maintaining supplies in hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers.   

1. Valuable Member of Patient Care Team 

Sterile Processing techs are an important part of patient care, with presence at multiple settings, anywhere from hospitals to outpatient care centers to assisted living facilities across the country.  Wherever there are patients, sterilization services are required. 

2. In-demand Profession that is Rapidly Growing 

The medical field is the fastest-growing sector in the country, and it’s set to increase up to 20% through 2026.  The sterile processing sector alone is expected to see growth of up to 14%, depending on geography.  Some technicians learn that they want a more hands-on job and advance their career in sterile processing or later go back to school to become a surgical tech or healthcare administrator. 

3. Work is Interesting and Sometimes Challenging 

Problem solving, attention to detail, and physical coordination are some of the key skills that sterile processing technicians apply on daily basis.  They are on their feet, moving throughout the day to collect, sterilize, organize and delivery medical tools and equipment.  Although they are not a part of direct action during procedures and surgeries, they witness what happens before, during and after, offering a unique exposure to various aspects of medical care.  Furthermore, the profession evolves, and new techniques will require continuous learning and preparation. 

4. Rewarding Compensation 

Sterile processing technicians earn some of the more competitive salaries for less-than-a-year certificate-level program graduates.  With a few years of experience, earnings can exceed $45,000 annually and even $70,000 for experienced technicians, depending on geography, years of experience and employer. ( 

5. Flexibility in Work Schedule 

Sterile processing offers a lot of flexibility as the work needs to be performed around the clock.  Many employers offer various shifts in the morning, evening or overnight, making it easier to accommodate one’s personal schedule.  There is also limited oversight, and a high need to take initiative.  Nevertheless, receiving direction from senior staff is also part of the job.  

6. Preparation is Short – Less Than a Year 

A major benefit of sterile processing programs is that they can be finished in about 9 months, depending on personal schedule. This is one of the quickest training routes into an entry-level healthcare career. 


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