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Medical Assisting Career Options

Medical assisting is an extremely versatile career choice. Medical assistants are valuable across the healthcare field and may end up in a wide variety of specializations depending on interest, skills, and experience. Here is a breakdown of the different types of medical assistants open to graduates of MCC’s Medical Assisting program.

Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical medical assistants work primarily in patient care. They often work side-by-side with physicians, and may fulfill tasks like drawing blood, instructing patients, and performing minor treatments.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative medical assistants typically perform administrative tasks such as filling out insurance forms, managing the front desk, billing, and coding.

Specialized Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants often end up in specialized roles to fit their workplace. For example, an opthamology medical assistant might preform eye tests or administer basic treatments, where an EKG technician will be more focused on taking electrocardiograms and helping patients through the process.

Midwestern Career College’s Medical Assisting program features a varied curriculum, preparing students for numerous potential career avenues as medical assistants, phlebotomists, EKG technicians, and more. Interested in becoming a medical assistant? Call (312) 236-9000 or email and set up a campus visit today!