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English Skills for Success

Midwestern Career College’s English Skills for Success course aims to develop the learner’s ability to seek out and work for English-speaking companies and organizations. The course teaches the skills necessary to prepare students to make a career decision, prepare for a future job search, or change careers. Students will learn how to create career paths that require them to research possible job options and potential employers. Special emphasis is placed on the job interview process. 

Campus:Study format:Start date:Price:
Chicago MainHybrid1/10/2022$1,500/term
Program Length: 11 weeks/term


This program is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE).

Program Objectives 

After successfully completing this program/course, students should be able to:  

  • Use key vocabulary correctly. 
  • Identify Super’s five life stages and give an example of each. 
  • Use the RIASEC Code to describe their personality type and that of other people. 
  • Read case studies and career texts and show understanding by answering comprehension and critical thinking questions and writing journal entries. 
  • Identify the five levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 
  • Explain how differences in culture and/or age (generations) can cause workplace conflict. 
  • Describe benefits of networking and explain how to use social networks to create relationships.  
  • Apply target principles of English grammar and usage to convey clear messages in English. 
  • List characteristics of their personal brand and write an elevator pitch aligned to that brand. 
  • Write a targeted, grammatically correct, and courteous cover letter, résumé, request for a reference, and thank-you letter to a potential employer.  
  • Use generally accepted interview principles to provide effective answers to interview questions. 

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