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6 Reasons Why Becoming A Dental Assistant is a Strong Career Choice

6 Reasons Why Becoming A Dental Assistant Is A Strong Career Choice

“Dental assistants are responsible for providing the patient with high quality care by performing a variety of office, laboratory, and patient care duties. This usually entails helping the dentist handle patients, instruments, and supplies during the treatment of the teeth, mouth, and gums. At Midwestern Career College dental assistants will engage in theoretical practices and procedures to become a Registered Dental Assistant—RDA. This involves clinical engagement at an externship site, lecture and laboratory exposure as a dental assisting student.”

Khristina BrentMCC Dental Assisting Program Director

Dental Assisting offers you an exciting career with strong job security and growth potential. It’s a field that’s always engaging, with no two days ever quite the same. Training to become a Dental Assistant is fast and affordable. Once you’re trained, you’re well prepared for a wide variety of opportunities.

In this article, we’ll cover our top 6 reasons for becoming a Dental Assistant!

1. Job Security

Especially if you’ve been in the restaurant or retail industry, you may appreciate the job stability of being a Dental Assistant. People of all ages need regular dental care, and that means regular trips to the dentist. Dental Assistants are considered essential support for both general and specialized dental facilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the need for trained Dental Assistants is expected to grow faster than average for most professions, creating an expected 23,400 new job openings throughout the US in the next decade.* This is a career that offers stable employment, even in times of uncertainty.

2. You’re Career-Ready Quickly

Dental Assisting programs are one of the fastest ways to enter this sought-after professional field. Most can be completed in a little over a year. That means you can get to work quickly.

MCC’s Dental Assisting program can be completed in only 60 instructional weeks, including an externship that helps you prepare to transition from the classroom to the dentist’s office. That’s a pretty fast turnaround to launch or advance your successful career!

3. Affordable Training + Good Income Potential

Dental Assisting programs are also highly affordable, and their relatively low cost is combined with an good income potential. In 2020, the median pay for a Dental Assistant in the US was $41,180 per year, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $58,390.(1) As a career path note, those who later chose to do the additional study to become Dental Hygienists had a 2020 median pay of $77,090 per year.(2)

MCC works hard to keep tuition easily affordable for you with scholarships and other options. Our program is a great, and fast, option for your career goals.

4. It’s A Career You Can Take Anywhere

Dental practices are in every corner of the US, from city to town and everything in between. That means your Dental Assisting credential can open up opportunities for you wherever you choose to live. You’ll never feel tied to one place. The more you develop your valuable skills, the more you’ll be an essential resource for any dental office.

5. Many Options To Explore

Dental Assistants do much more than general Dentistry! While Dental Assistants commonly serve in general Dentistry facilities, they’re also essential to the success of specialized practices such as Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, and Endodontists, any one of which provides a highly exciting, specialized field to explore.

6. Prepares You For Other Healthcare Careers

Not only is it rewarding straight out of the box, but Dental Assisting is way to get the valuable experience that prepares you for other careers in the healthcare industry.  As you work in the role of Dental Assistant, you’ll gain an understanding of the workings of a successful dental practice, such as patient care, administration, office management, and more. This can give you a foot in the door to further career mobility.

Potential careers could include becoming a dental hygienist, office administrator, dental instructor, or dental insurance claim professional.

Flexible, affordable, fast, and with great job security, Dental Assisting is an in-demand profession. Get your Dental Assisting career training started now by calling 312-236-9000 x 1.
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