Why having a library card is convenient for ESL students

A library card is a great resource for ESL students in Chicago

March 27, 2018. Chicago has more than 70 public libraries around the Metropolitan Area, where residents and ESL students, can access an immense variety of books, music collections, movies, online resources and even museum passes. Also, it is not only for avid readers, it offers educational facilities to the community, such as conferences, workshops, lectures and academic clubs.

Moreover, in each location of the Chicago Public Library, residents and ESL students can access computers with internet and reserve study spaces at no cost, which is very convenient if you want to meet your classmates and study for upcoming exams.

If you are an F-1 student, you can get a Chicago Public Library card to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. You just need a photo ID with your Chicago address; for example, your Midwestern Career College ID. Afterwards, you will be allowed to get books and music for 3 weeks, movies and a museum pass for 1 week. At the end of the period, you must take the material back and you will be able to check some others out for the same period. It is also important to know that most materials, with the exception of museum passes, can be dropped off at any Chicago Public Library location.

Once you get the Chicago Public Library card, checking their website is important. The website allows you to browse the entire library catalog including books, eBooks, and audiobooks. Also, you may download available digital media, including videos, music, and magazines. You can be aware of the many events, workshops, and performances offered at the library, and one of the most important updates, as a cardholder, you are now able to renew materials online. The website to the Chicago Public Library: www.chipublib.org

The Harold Washington Library is one of the biggest and most important Chicago Public Library locations. There are also neighborhood libraries, and they are a great place to get to know the people who live around you. Neighborhood libraries usually organize events where neighbors can spend time together while learning, for example, there are board games nights!

At Midwestern Career College, we organize occasional visits to the Harold Washington Library. Visits include tours that explain carefully the process of getting involved with the Chicago Public Library. We announce the library days on our Facebook account (www.facebook.com/mccinternational) and through e-mail.


Written by: Stefanie Carpentieri

International Student at Midwestern Career College

Stefanie was born and raised in Venezuela. She has been a journalist since 2014, working in TV, websites, blogging, radio and social media. Photography is her hobby of choice and she’s able to use her skills through her position as social media and events coordinator at Midwestern Career College.

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