The Art of Epilepsy this weekend at Chicago gallery

"The Art of Epilepsy" - art fundraiser Sat., Oct 15 reveals remarkable abilities of artists living with epilepsy.

Artwork in the background of fundraising epilepsy event information

This Saturday, October 15th, 2022, “The Art of Epilepsy” fundraising event will showcase the remarkable abilities of artists living with epilepsy.

Hosted by the Jackson Junge Gallery on Milwaukee Avenue, the event will be from 6p-9p CT and feature incredible artwork as well as appetizers and wine. 

See to purchase tickets or donate to the cause.

Thank you to Beth Ruark for telling Erin Gotwals, our Associate Director of Admissions, about this upcoming event while visiting MCC’s booth at last weekend’s Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago’s 5K at Montrose Harbor!

As you may know, MCC is one of the two schools in Illinois that offer training in Electrodiagnostic (END) Technology, a brain-scanning technology essential to diagnosing and treating epilepsy. So we’re always glad to be able to tune you in to related events.

Find out more about MCC’s Electrodiagnostic (END) Technology Program here — our current class begins Oct 31, 2022! Or, request information from our friendly team with this form, here.
Find out more about The Art of Epilepsy fundraising event here
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