7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 2024

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 2024

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Earth Day reminds us that it’s time for reflection, action, and commitment to our planet’s health and sustainability. This year, on April 22nd, let’s come together to celebrate Earth Day in meaningful ways that make a positive impact on our environment.

MCC celebrated Earth Day in part, with thanks to agency partner Studee who planted 10 trees in Mexico on MCC’s behalf through Plant-for-the-Planet, where tree plantings can be viewed on a global map and you can dial in to individual tree-planting projects. MCC is proud to display the certificate representing our trees. EnglishEspanol

What will you do for Earth Day? Here are seven eco-friendly and community-centered activities to celebrate Earth Day (and Earth Month!) in 2024:

  1. Join a Local Cleanup Event: Participate in a community cleanup event in your neighborhood or local park. Organizations like Chicago Parks Foundation often host cleanup initiatives, providing an opportunity to connect with nature while making a tangible difference in your community.

  2. Plant Trees or Gardens: Get your hands dirty and contribute to urban greening efforts by planting trees, flowers, or community gardens. Check out local initiatives like TreeKeepers through Chicago Region Trees Initiative or Green Corps for tree planting events and gardening workshops in Chicago, and of course, also check out Plant-for-the-Planet.

  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Take Earth Day as an opportunity to reassess your consumption habits and commit to reducing waste. Start a composting bin at home, opt for reusable shopping bags and water bottles, and recycle whenever possible. Encourage others to join you in adopting sustainable practices.

  4. Explore Nature: Spend time outdoors and reconnect with nature by visiting nearby parks, nature reserves, or botanical gardens. Take a leisurely hike along Lake Michigan’s scenic trails, explore the native flora and fauna at the Garfield Park Conservatory, or enjoy a picnic in Millennium Park.

  5. Support Local Farmers Markets: Show your support for local farmers and sustainable agriculture by shopping at farmers markets in your area. Enjoy fresh, seasonal produce, support small-scale farmers, and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing locally sourced foods.

  6. Advocate for Environmental Justice: Get involved in advocacy efforts to address environmental injustices and promote equitable access to clean air, water, and green spaces. Join local environmental organizations, attend community meetings, and advocate for policies that prioritize environmental justice for all.

  7. Educate and Inspire Others: Share your passion for environmental conservation and sustainability by educating others about the importance of Earth Day. Organize a virtual eco-awareness event, host a documentary screening, or engage in conversations with friends and family about ways to protect our planet for future generations.

This Earth Day, let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet while taking meaningful action to protect and preserve it for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

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