7 Reasons Why Choosing an Accredited School Is Important for F-1 Students

7 Reasons Why Choosing an Accredited School Is Important for F-1 Students

7 Reasons Why Choosing an Accredited School Is Important for Your Educational Experience

Did you know that not all US colleges are accredited? And that accrediting agencies can be either recognized or unrecognized? That’s why it’s important for F-1 students to do research and find a college accredited by a recognized accrediting agency.

1. Get Value for Your Education: US education is not cheap. Attending an accredited institution ensures your degree is held to higher standards so you can meet your educational and professional goals in the timeframe and at the price you planned.

2. Protect Your F-1 Status: Accredited colleges prove that they meet high standards, simplifying the US government’s F-1 certification process. Unaccredited schools do not have the same sense of security. Choose a school that strives to protect your international student status in the US. Moreover, all ESL programs must be accredited to enroll F-1 students.

3. Higher Graduation Rates: Accreditors have rigorous standards for student services and graduation rate requirements. This means that accredited institutions have school-wide support systems, including Career Services and International Student Services (ISS) departments that provide students with the most up-to-date resources.

4. Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Unaccredited schools that do not regularly review their educational materials can get away with teaching their students outdated practices. Accredited colleges are required to perform curriculum reviews to keep their coursework relevant and aligned with industry standards so their students can graduate with skills they will actually use in the field.

5. Quality Instructors: Faculty at accredited colleges are required to be regularly evaluated by students and college admins. They receive constructive feedback to improve their quality of teaching and to standardize teaching methodologies.

6. OPT/CPT Programs for Professional US Experience: International students are allowed to gain professional experience through the US government’s OPT and CPT programs. College accreditation helps employers determine the quality of a candidate’s education. This may determine whether you are selected for the interview or offered a position at a company.

7. University Partnerships: Unaccredited schools are not able to secure partnerships with big universities due to a lack of accountability. Accreditation paves the way for partnerships with prestigious universities, offering students enhanced transfer opportunities and pathways to advanced degrees.

Pro Tip: Not all accrediting agencies offer the same high standards. You should always go with the college accredited by the agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

Find the list of recognized accrediting agencies here: US Department of Education

Your choice to study in the US takes work, courage, and a significant financial investment. Whether you’re planning to get a degree or want to improve your English, attending an accredited college should be a top priority.

Midwestern Career College’s degree programs are proud to be accredited by COE (Council on Occupational Education), which specializes in career training. The college’s ESL program is programmatically accredited by CEA (Council on English Language Program Accreditation), one of the most prestigious and internationally-recognized accrediting bodies for ESL programs.

Explore our accredited programs and take the first step towards reaching your academic and professional goals.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to our admissions team at international@mccollege.edu.

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