10 common Radiography terms that will help feel ahead on your first day of class

Radiography Terms to Get You Started

Navigating the realm of radiography can be overwhelming, especially on your first day of class. To ease the way, here’s a guide to 10 radiography terms that will boost your confidence and keep you ahead of the curve from day one. Whether you’re a budding radiography student or just curious about the field, these foundational terms will empower you to engage in discussions and have a greater understanding about the profession.

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Here are 10 Common Radiography Terms:

  1. Radiography: A medical imaging technique that uses x-rays to produce images of the body’s internal structures.
  2. X-ray Tube: The device that produces x-rays during a radiographic examination.
  3. Radiopaque: A material that does not allow x-rays to pass through, appearing white or light grey on a radiograph.
  4. Radiolucent: A material that allows x-rays to pass through, appearing dark on a radiograph.
  5. Computed Radiography (CR): A digital radiography technique that uses a storage phosphor plate to capture and store x-ray images.
  6. Digital Radiography (DR): A digital radiography technique that uses an electronic detector to capture and store x-ray images.
  7. Contrast Agent: A substance that is administered to a patient to enhance the visibility of certain structures during a radiographic examination.
  8. Image Receptor: The device used to capture the x-ray image, such as a film cassette or digital detector.
  9. Image Processing: The manipulation of digital radiographic images to improve their quality or enhance their diagnostic value.
  10. Radiation Safety: The guidelines and protocols designed to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and others in the radiographic environment, due to the potential hazards of ionizing radiation.

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