Surgical Technologist

Study format: Face-to-face
Start date: 5/16/17
Duration: 56 weeks
Externship: 250 hr
Location: Chicago
Blue Island

Midwestern Career College’s Surgical Technologist Training program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain entry-level positions as sterile processing technicians and surgical technologists. The program consists of classroom and hands-on training in the school lab. Graduates are eligible to sit for national certification as well.

Through our program, students will develop the skills necessary to:

  • Prepare supplies, equipment and instruments
  • Maintain aseptic conditions
  • Assist surgeons with surgical procedures

Additionally, students will gain knowledge and proficiency in:

  • Surgical instrumentation
  • Sterile draping techniques
  • Sterilization technologies
  • Intraoperative patient safety
  • Surgical site management
  • Wound retraction and exposure
  • Temporary and permanent hemostasis
  • Layered wound closure

Coursework covers:

  • human anatomy and physiology
  • surgical anatomy
  • essentials of pharmacology, microbiology and immunology
  • anesthesia methods and agents
  • patient care and safety in the surgical environment
  • legal and ethical aspects, and
  • development of professional interpersonal skills in the operating room as a member of the surgical team.

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate a knowledge base in sterile processing and surgical technology to function as an entry-level sterile processing technician and surgical technologist.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative surgical case management in the role of a surgical technologist
  • Communicate and interact as an effective member of the surgical team
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically
  • Promote continued education through lifelong learning and professional growth
  • Demonstrate professional ethical and legal principles of sterile processing and surgical technology practice


Students of our program are eligible for a 250-clock-hour externship at one of our affiliated surgery centers.

Career Outlook

Surgical technologists are in high demand and make a great salary. Employment is booming with 15% growth projected over the next decade. You can complete this program in as few as 12 months.

Graduates may secure jobs in labor or delivery departments, inpatient/outpatient surgery centers, hospital surgery departments, physicians’ offices and central supply departments. Check out job listings in the Chicagoland area for surgical technologists on Indeed, Career Builder and


Graduates of our program will: