How to do a MCC Facebook and Google Review? | Review

How To Do Google and Facebook Reviews for MCC

Quick Tips

  • Aim to write 1-5 sentences about your experience with us.
  • Imagine if you were a new student reading this. What would you have liked to know about the program or student experience?

MCC Google Reviews

  1. Select your campus from the list below these instructions.
  2. Click the Reviews tab, then click Write a Review and share your experience. *On mobile, scroll to the Reviews tab and scroll down to Rate and Review.
  3. Then, write your review in the pop-up window.
  4. Just click Post when your review is complete. 😊
MCC-Google My Business Reviews
MCC-Google My Business Reviews-2

MCC Facebook Reviews

  1. Log into your FB account.
  2. Type in Midwestern Career College in the search bar at the top of the screen, or click the Pages tab and click Midwestern Career College.
  3. Click the Reviews tab at the top of the header bar.
  4. Answer Yes to Do you Recommend Midwestern Career College and begin writing your review. 
  5. Click Share when you are ready to submit your review.
MCC-Facebook Reviews

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