Health Insurance

MCC encourages international students to purchase health insurance that covers their individual needs. Here are some links to more information:

  • Overview of the US Healthcare System for International Students – This short video is an indispensable guide for any international students looking to study or travel to the USA. With tips before you travel, to a complete overview of how the healthcare system works – you can be prepared!
  • – The Student Secure plan provides international student health insurance coverage to international and study abroad students around the world.
  • PSI Health Insurance – PSI is dedicated to providing the best health insurance rates and benefits for International Students and Scholars around the world, backed by solid underwriters. We provide online tools to streamline your entire health care experience.
  • ISO Insurance – ISO Insurance is a pioneer insurance plan manager. ISO always strives to address the special and unique insurance needs of international students. The objective of the company has remained the same since our establishment: to provide international students with affordable insurance options.
  • ISP International Student Protection – Affordable, flexible insurance plans for international students.
  • PGH Global – With PGHstudent, students studying around the world can have peace of mind that their health insurance.
  • iNext International Insurance – Simple, straightforward international insurance solutions.
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