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Job Summary
Analyze and record in the system all accounting movements and transactions carried out in the company, as well as prepare reports and financial statements in accordance with the accounting principles generally accepted in the country

General Accountabilities
• Records the entry of accounting information of account movements of the Government to the program established in accordance with current regulations.
• Analyze the information for the payment of tax obligations and transactional annexes.
• Analyze and propose the methods and procedures to carry out the accounting, tax and financial records of the company.
• Maintain contact with the rest of the areas in order to provide them with information that facilitates their development.
• Simplify information and advise the company on key improvement actions.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Register and verify in the system the movements and accounting transactions carried out in the company (payments to suppliers, bank charges, transfers, invoices, inventory, among others).
• Prepare and present financial statements of the company’s operations, aswell as review and point out the variations found with respect to previous periods
• Generate information and ensure the correct calculation of spreadsheets (either by external companies or internally). Ensure the preparation of mandatory reports required by law related to the payment thereof.
• Prepare and issue invoices for the services provided by the brands, under the approval of the direct supervisor, as well as keep control of the collection management of the brands.
• Generate payment to suppliers under the approval of the direct supervisor (checks, electronic banking, transfers, etc.).
• Prepare and make tax payments to the state according to the regulations established by law.
• Keep track of insurance of tangible and intangible assets
• Coordinate audits and act as a liaison with external auditors
• Prepare collection management reports (payments made, delinquent balances, etc.) and other reports upon request.
• File documents under your responsibility.
• Perform any other duties assigned to the position

Job Qualifications
• 1+ year of work experience coordinating activities with multidisciplinary teams.
• Title as Accountant, Economist, Engineer in Finance or similar

• Strong analytical problem-solving and multitasking skills.
• Strong communication skills and experience with working cross functionally across various teams.
• Expert at project management able to independently manage multiple projects at various stages at one time.
• Must be comfortable with pivoting quickly with changing requirements and priorities.
• Excellent verbal and written communication
• Management of personnel resources
• Active listening
• Social perceptiveness
• Coordination
• Monitoring
• Negotiation
• Active learning

***If interested in applying please send your resume and cover letter to Nadia Saleh in Career Services with your name and job of interest.

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