Client Care Specialist

AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Chicago is currently looking to hire Medical Assistants/Client Care Specialists.  A Client Care Specialist 2 (CCS2) position is a combination of the Wellness Tester and Medical Assistant. This position will be needed to cross-cover and support both departments of the Wellness program and the Healthcare Center, merging the two departments into one team to provide a seamless experience for our current and potential patients and clients.

This is a core position for this newest model of Healthcare, Testing and Treatment all-in-one. The CCS2 will enhance the client experience with continuity of care due to position cross-functionality.

The Client Care Specialist 2 (CCS2) will enhance the experience of other members of the Healthcare Center staff, by lending a helpful hand when needed, and thinking of their role as collaborative, rather than exclusive. In addition, giving feedback to their manager about how service could be improved will allow the team members to enhance their contribution.

The Client Care Specialist 2 (CCS2) adds consistent value to the Healthcare Center Team by adapting to various situations with ease and by being flexible.


Clinical MA Certificate/Diploma – Required

RMA, AAMA, NHC, CCMA – Preferred


To apply, please send your resume to Denise Alexander at and indicate the name of the position and company.  

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