June 01, 2017

MRI Techs

Top 3 Things MRI Techs Tell Their Patients

Along with performing the scan itself, MRI technologists are tasked with explaining the procedure to patients. If you’re considering studying in our Associate of Applied Science in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technology program, here are a few things you might find yourself explaining to your patients some day:

1. “You Won’t Feel Anything during the Scan.”

It might seem a bit odd to think about, but the way MRI technology works is by using powerful magnetic pulses to point water molecules in your body in the same direction, then flipping them back and forth into and out of their original position. A scanner detects the movement of water in the body.

This process is not only completely painless, it is actually undetectable to the subject. Patients just come in and lie down in the machine. The scanner picks up the directional information of the water molecules in the painless, noninvasive process of magnetic resonance imaging.

2. “You Might Need an Injection First.”

Ok, you know how we said that the MRI exam is completely painless? Well, sometimes the patient might feel a little prick first when they are injected with a contrast agent, which can make the picture clearer for a more accurate diagnosis. This is why MCC’s Associate of Applied Science in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technology program includes preparation for two phlebotomy certifications. As an MRI technologist, you’ll be expected to inject the patient prior to the exam.

3. “Get Ready for a Rumble!”

The magnetic coils in the MRI machine vibrate when generating pulses. Given that they are large and metal, this means loud clanging and banging can be heard coming from the machine. Many patients opt for earplugs or headphones with music to drown out the noise. So, if you hear a loud banging, don’t worry, it’s supposed to do that.

Want to Learn More?

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