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Dialysis Technologist Training

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Dialysis Technologist Training

MCC students practicing blood-drawing techniques in the dialysis lab. 

Midwestern Career College’s 40-week Dialysis Technician Training program  teaches students the clinical skills and knowledge necessary to become a dialysis technician.  

Dialysis Technicians play an essential role in helping patients during their kidney health journey. Those interested in working with the latest dialysis technology will excel in this program.  

The definition of dialysis? 

The process of removing toxins from the blood of those whose kidneys no longer function properly. Dialysis removes and reintroduces a patient’s own blood while filtering out waste, functioning as kidneys should.  

What does a dialysis technician do? 

Dialysis technicians will join an established medical team, providing direct contact and communication with patients on an almost daily basis. Dialysis techs maintain their patients’ safety and well-being, helping them live healthier, more active lives. 


What will you study?

Our program brings together the best of classroom and clinical training. You’ll study: 

  • principles of dialysis
  • anatomy of the kidney
  • dialysis procedures
  • basic chemistry of body fluids
  • drawing blood
  • infection control

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Campus:Study format:Start date:
Evergreen ParkHybridTBD
Program Length: 40 Instructional Weeks/2 Terms

Program Objectives 

During clinical and classroom training, you’ll learn how to: 

  • properly operate dialysis technology  
  • provide safe and effective care to patients
  • identify renal system failure complications 
  • think critically  
  • report on treatments and outcomes 
  • educate patients on their health.


MCC’s Dialysis Technician Program allows for a 220-hour clinical externship at an MCC-affiliated site. This externship provides a unique opportunity for a real-life field and patient-care experience, proving invaluable for students in their transition from an academic to a work environment. 

“Others Weren’t Exposed to Dialysis Like We Were”


bonent-logo-ATPMCC’s Dialysis Technologist Training Program is approved by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology (BONENT), the most important organization for dialysis technologists in the United States. When you complete our program, you’ll be eligible to sit for the BONENT exam to become a certified hemodialysis technologist (CHT).


Certifications and Diplomas

Through our courses, you’ll become eligible to take the following exams: 

New ESRD rules and regulations approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Servicesstates that patient care dialysis technologists must be certified under state certification programs. 

Career Outlook 

Dialysis technology is a great career choice. Check out job listings in the Chicagoland area for dialysis technicians on Indeed,Monster.com and Ziprecruiter.com 


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