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June 2, 2020


Dear Members of the MCC Community,

On behalf of Midwestern Career College, I write to express my concerns about George Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed. There is clear injustice stemming from the prejudices and systematic violence that black people continue to experience. As our country faces a tense period of racial disparity and discord, I acknowledge the pain, anger, despair and frustration that many continue to feel.

I also would like reaffirm the MCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and rejection of hate, bigotry and racism. At MCC, we are proud to have diverse staff and faculty, and serve a student body, diverse in race, ethnicity, gender and religion.

Education is one of the leading forces to overcome discrimination, and break social and economic barriers. Through education, MCC contributes to building a society in which we aspire to live – without discrimination and violence, and with equality of opportunity and empathy toward each other.

As we continue forward, we must focus on building bridges of understanding, embracing actions that unite our communities. To do so, we all have a responsibility to promote love, and reject racism and violence.

Please take care of yourselves, and stay safe.


Jeremy Oberfeld,
Chief Executive Officer
Midwestern Career College

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