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Job Summary
Manage customer management through friendly and direct treatment with them to boost sales of the units produced by the company

General Accountabilities
• Negotiate budgets and deadlines, and make detailed presentations that justify costs and schedules.
• Design the advertising strategy.
• Establish and manage budgets, control expenses and ensure the efficient use of resources.
• Establish and direct operational and administrative procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Find customers through direct contact to increase sales.
• Attend and satisfy the needs of company through their order request to increase the level of sales.
• Listen to suggestions about advertising and the company’s requirements, and report all this to the appropriate people for the correct development of the processes.
• Collaborate with colleagues to design creative campaigns and other projects according to agreed company standards.
• Negotiate budgets and deadlines, and make detailed presentations that justify the costs and schedules of advertising activities.
• Dealing with complaints, investigating problems, developing solutions, preparing reports and making recommendations to the Sales Manager
• Track the volume, numbers and sales margins by reviewing the corresponding reports
• Meet weekly, quarterly, monthly and annual sales margins.
• Comply with the company respecting the established budget, payment agreements and estimated delivery dates.
• Manage information on prices and sales, as well as reports that record the movements and activities of the company.
• Follow up after the sale by monitoring customer impressions an assisting them with any issues.
• Perform any other duties assigned to the position

Job Qualifications
• 1+ years of work experience coordinating activities with multidisciplinary teams.
• Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Commercial Engineering or related.

• Strong analytical problem-solving and multitasking skills.
• Strong communication skills and experience with working cross functionally across various teams.
• Expert at project management able to independently manage multiple projects at various stages at one time.
• Must be comfortable with pivoting quickly with changing requirements and priorities.
• Excellent verbal and written communication
• Management of personnel resources
• Active listening
• Social perceptiveness
• Coordination
• Monitoring
• Negotiation
• Active learning

****If interested in applying please send your resume to Nadia Saleh in Career Services at with your name and position of interest.

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