Standards of Student Conduct

Students at MCC assume the obligation of conducting themselves in a manner appropriate to an educational institution. Misconduct that will expose students to disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:

  • Violation of a College’s and/or externship site’s policies
  • Dishonesty, cheating, falsification
  • Inappropriate behavior, sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment
  • Disorderly conduct, obstruction or disruption of MCC activities
  • Misuse, damage or misappropriation of the College’s or clinical site’s property
  • Theft
  • Possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of, or being under the influence of, alcohol or illegal drugs, while in a clinical or classroom setting
  • Smoking on campus
  • Insubordination or other disrespectful conduct
  • Fighting or threatening violence
  • Dismissal from a clinical site due to conduct violations

Corrective Action: Warning, Probation and Termination

The usual sequence of corrective actions at Midwestern Career College includes an oral warning, a written warning, probation, and finally termination of training. In deciding which initial corrective action would be appropriate, Midwestern Career College management will consider the seriousness of the infraction, the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the student’s previous record.

Though committed to a progressive approach to corrective action, MCC may consider certain infractions and violations of standards of conduct as grounds for immediate discharge from the college.

Dismissal Policy

MCC reserves the right to dismiss any student whose attendance, conduct, and/or academic or financial standing does not meet the school’s standards as set forth in this catalog and student’s Enrollment Agreement and Externship Handbook. Students who have been dismissed from the college due to conduct may appeal this decision by submitting an appeal letter within fourteen (14) calendar days of the dismissal. The Academic Council will review the appeal within five business days of its receipt. The decision of the Academic Council is final and may not be further appealed.

Withdrawal from the College

Withdrawing from MCC may have both academic and financial aid consequences. The students are encouraged to understand the consequences before the decision to withdraw. Students receiving financial aid are advised to contact Financial Aid Office to discuss the consequences of a withdrawal impacting academic progress and aid eligibility at any other school to which they may transfer.
A student may withdraw from MCC at any time by completing Student Withdrawal Form. If the withdrawal occurs during an ongoing term, the grade assigned to each course will be based on the student’s last date of attendance in the course and whether the add/drop period for the term has ended. The College will withdraw any student who fails to attend at least one scheduled course for a period of 21 calendar days (excluding scheduled breaks of 5 days or more).