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Scrub Technician

Scrub Technician Overview Description:

Surgical Technician will perform responsibilities relative to assisting physicians with the instrumentation of surgical intervention. Working under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse, the Surgical or Scrub Technician duties will, in general, include the following:

• Makes sure all supplies and equipment needed for surgical procedure are present and in
working order
• Sets up a sterile field and operating room table with the proper instruments, equipment,
supplies and any medication or solutions needed for the surgical procedure
• Make sure all equipment used is sterile
• Creates and maintains a sterile surgical environment
• Monitors PAR levels of all surgical instruments and supplies
• Make sure the patient is properly positioned and comfortable during the procedure
• Assists in draping the sterile field
• Helps surgeon and assistants with their gowns and gloves to maintain sterile environment
• Maintains the strictest standards of sterile technique during surgery
• Passes instruments, supplies and equipment to the surgeon
• Prepares and handles sterile dressings
• Performs counts with the circulating surgical nurse or technologist before the start of surgery
and prior to the incision
• Able to clean, assemble, and sterilize surgical instruments used in surgery
• Assists other team members with turn over cleaning of the operating room and preps for next

Various surgery experience is needed depending on specialty. Total Joint or Orthopaedic Sports Medicine surgical experience is most needed at this time.
To apply for this position, please send your resume to Denise Alexander at