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How To Prepare For Chicago Winters


Is this your first winter in Chicago? If your answer is yes: no worries! We’ve all experienced our first Chicago winter… Brrr! If you are already a Chicago winter professional, we still think you’ll find some useful winter tips in this article. From how to prepare for the winter, to things to do when it’s cold outside, we’ve got you covered! 

It’s true that winters in Chicago can be harsh and long but living and studying here compensates for it! The good news is that there are always ways to stay warm. The other good news is that there are always things to do in the city, so it doesn’t matter if it’s cold and snowy! As a matter of fact, one of the most beautiful things about winter is the snow, especially for students who are experiencing it for the first time in their lives. MCC’s English as a Second Language and Business program students come from all over the world, including countries where it doesn’t snow, like Brazil, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia!  

Winter Clothing Essentials 

Besides a jacket, snow boots, and gloves, you can decide which winter accessories are right for you. However, as a former international student who was once a winter first-timer, I do recommend you get a hat (or beanie) that covers and protects your ears, a scarf, thick socks, and Chapstick to keep your lips from drying out. To stay healthy, is so important to keep your ears, hands, and neck covered at all times.  

Layers, layers, layers! 

Another thing I wish I would have known before experiencing my first winter in Chicago? Wear layers! It will protect you and prevent overheating when your body starts to feel the change of temperature when you go to school, a coffee shop, or even home! Always go out prepared. Chicago weather may change multiple times a day, but you can always check the weather channel and keep some extra clothes in your backpack. Also, keeping a hot beverage, like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, will help warm you up from the inside out! 

Usually, people imagine that the only things to do during this season are indoors. You can explore museums, visit your favorite coffee shop, attend movie festivals, plays, and so much more.  

But think about all the great outdoor activities that winter brings! You can build a snowman by Lake Michigan, go sledding at the park, and visit light festivals at the Chicago Botanic Gardens or Lincoln Park Zoo! Just writing these makes me so excited about this upcoming season! 

Experiencing the winter in Chicago is a unique thing, and guess what? You can be here too!