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Celebration Cords – Graduation 2019

*** Take note! This blog post is about a PREVIOUS YEAR’S GRADUATION! Information may not be current and may no longer apply! Get the most current Graduation info at https://mccollege.edu/graduation/

Graduation 2019 is a celebration of ALL your achievements, be they educational, personal, professional, or otherwise! To commemorate the most impactful parts of your journey through MCC outside the classroom, we invite graduates to purchase and proudly wear Celebration Cords. Woven in brilliant color, these 62-inch Cords are an opportunity to adorn yourself with the support and motivation that got you through school – whether it be from a family member, role model, instructor, or just you!

Pre-ordered cords can be picked up at your local campus or at the Will Call table on the day of the ceremony. Please indicate in the comment section what color cord(s) you are purchasing. Students are not limited by the number of cords.

Single Parent (silver): This silver cord symbolizes the challenges single parents have in reaching for and realizing their goals, while tending to multiple priorities.Giving Back (Green): Are you motivated to give back? If so, this stunning green celebration cord represents that desire.
Faith (Purple): Faith can be a significant motivation for making a life change and an important part of how you celebrate. This lovely purple cord is an excellent way to honor your beliefs.I Did It (Gold): You made it through a tough program and now your career starts. If you feel triumphant (and you should!) this gold cord is a memento of your triumph.
Overcoming Obstacles (Red): You may have gone through personal or professional trials during your program, but you made it through! This bright red cord shows the world your ability to persevere when it counts.First Graduate in Family (white): Celebrate your achievement of being the first in your family to graduate from college by wearing this beautiful white cord.
American Dream (Red/white/blue): Part of the American Dream is to pursue challenges, push through  be successful. If this speaks to you, wear this beautiful red, white and blue cord.Strong Female Role Model (Pink): Has a female role model made a difference in your life? Have you been a role model for others? This pink cord is meant to recognize that impact.
Redemption (Maroon): Starting a new life and a new career is no small feat! Proudly wear this orange cord to commemorate your accomplishments despite difficult circumstances.Just For Me (Blue/white): Perhaps you had a moment where you decided you were starting your program just to treat yourself! Celebrate with this festive blue and white cord.
Following in Footsteps (Blue/gold): If you started a medical career because a family member or friend inspired you through their work in medicine, this blue and gold cord is for you.Strong Male Role Model (Silver/black): Has a male role model made a difference in your life? Have you been a role model for others? This black cord is meant to recognize that impact.
Strong LGBTQ Role Model (Rainbow): Are you or is someone close to you a proud member of the LGBTQ community? If so, celebrate this identity and your academic achievement with our festive rainbow cord.Military (Bronze): You served your country with honor and now you have graduated from college; two amazing achievements! Wear this bronze cord with pride.
Memorial (Blue): Graduation is a celebration, but celebrating can be difficult if you’ve lost a loved one. This lovely blue cord both honors your loved one AND recognizes your achievement. 

Any additional attire such as cultural stole, cords, or sashes purchased outside of MCC must be approved by the Graduation Team. Please contact graduation@mccollege.edu or call 312-889-9131 .

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