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Donte Medical Corporation

Medical Assistant

Dr. Ronald Sam affiliated with Advocate Healthcare is currently looking to hire a Medical Assistant for his practice Donte Medical Corporation (Oak Lawn, IL).  Responsibilities for the position are listed below:

  • Act as a physician’s secretary
  • Administer oral and injectable medications
  • Assist patients with insurance forms and claims
  • Assist physicians and other providers with exams and procedures
  • Call or fax prescriptions to pharmacies
  • Change dressings
  • Clean and maintain instruments and medical equipment
  • Collect data about previous health, medical and surgical history from patients
  • Collect specimens for lab tests
  • Document in paper or electronic medical records
  • Enter data from monitoring and tracking systems such and vaccine and medication refrigerators, sterilization devices and other quality or safety data
  • Handle and route office mail
  • Manage medical records
  • Manage specialty referrals
  • Measure patent vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, pulse and temperature), height and weight
  • Order medical and office supplies and medications
  • Perform billing tasks
  • Perform in-office lab tests
  • Perform specialized testing such as EKGs, vision screening and hearing tests
  • Provide patient education as directed by the doctor or other provider
  • Remove staples and stitches
  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Schedule surgeries and diagnostic procedures such as CT scans and MRIs
  • Stock exam rooms

The ideal candidate for this position must have completed a medical assisting program, be able to pass a drug test, a criminal background check, is willing to work overtime, and has a valid driver’s licensed.

To apply, please send your resume to Denise Alexander at  Please indicate in the subject line the position title and company name.