Nova Driving School Salesclerk

Job Summary

Our sales clerk is responsible for processing customer purchases at Nova Driving School facilities. Also involve working with sales agents to close a sale and recommend other service items or packages for purchase.

General Accountabilities

Our sales clerk has the responsibility of greets customers, rings up their purchases, ensures that they have found what they are looking for, and promotes sale services and other relevant packages to round out their sale.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Welcomes customers as they enter the store.
• Ring up all customer purchases.
• Processes checks and credit cards.
• Maintains cleanliness and organization of his/her area.
• Counts out payments in cash regularly.
• Answers customer inquiries and calls for assistance from other associates as necessary.
• Answers facility phones and transfers calls to the appropriate department or personnel.
• Recommends add-on services and promotional items.
• Will encourage customers to sign up for Nova loyalty programs.
• Ensures that all customers have found what they are looking for.
• Helps customers locate packages of services on our facilities.
• Addresses and resolves customer complaints or issues.


• Bachelor’s or High School degree.
• Demonstrates excellent customer service skills.
• Maintains a professional but friendly demeanor at all times.
• Works well with others.
• Demonstrates strong organizational skills.
• Possesses ability to think creatively to devise new ways to promote and market our services packages.
• Demonstrates broad knowledge of company products and layout of our facility.
• It is comfortable handling and counting money.
• Possesses ability to persuade customers to add onto their purchase.
• Remains patient and polite, even with angry or upset customers.
• Manage time efficiently.
• Pays close attention to detail.


***If interested in applying please send an updated copy of your resume and cover letter to Nadia Saleh in Career Services at with your name and position of interest.

**Nova driving school has many other positions available. If interested, please reach out to Career Services.

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