Surgical Technologist I

Rush University Medical Center in Oak Park, IL is currently looking to hire a Surgical Technologist I.  For more details on the position and how to apply, please see below:

Department: Operating Room

Work Type: Full Time (40 hours per week)

Shift: Shift 1; 7am- 3:30pm; M- F; some weekend coverage

Work Schedule: 8 Hr

Position Summary:
The Surgical Technologist I assists in patient care and surgical services under the supervision of a registered nurse. The primary responsibility of this person is to carry out the function of the scrub role during surgical procedures. Exemplifies the Rush mission, vision and values and acts in accordance with Rush policies and procedures.

Job Responsibilities:
• Applies the correct principles of aseptic technique.
• Establishes and protects the integrity of the sterile field and back table at all times.
• Recognizes breaks in technique by self and others. Takes corrective action and reports events to RN in room.
• Handles/secures instruments, cords, and draping materials utilizing aseptic technique.
• Applies the correct technique of disinfection and antisepsis.
• Prepares instrumentation and equipment for decontamination per established protocol.
• Demonstrates basic operating room technical skills.
• Participates in surgical cases in select areas assigned. Demonstrates competency in scrubbing all assigned surgical procedures.
• Prioritizes scrub activities based upon the type of surgical procedure and the needs of the surgical team members.
• Correctly pulls and prepares sutures/other specified supplies per Operating Room Information System preference cards.
• Update cards as needed.
• Obtains and safely assembles necessary equipment specific to the surgical procedure, surgeon preference and individual patient needs.
• Assists in opening sterile supplies.
• Applies knowledge of anatomy and physiology to individuals set up for surgical procedures.
• Safely carries out the scrub role during the surgical procedure.
• Cares for and handles surgical instruments/equipment according to Operating Room protocols.
• Demonstrates manual dexterity in handling instruments and equipment.
• Assures proper functioning of equipment in the room as delegated by the RN.
• Identifies specialty instruments by type, function, and name.
• Accounts for sponges, needles, instruments, and other miscellaneous counted items according to Operating Room policies and procedures.
• Notifies the surgical team of any sponge, needle, instrument, or miscellaneous count that is incorrect.
• Uses repeat back communications and key words for safety concerns.
• Maintains an orderly sterile field, Mayo stand and back table throughout the surgical procedure.
• Demonstrates knowledge of progressive steps in specific surgical procedures.
• Anticipates the needs of the surgical team.
• Communicates variation in surgical procedure to RN.
• Anticipates emergent circumstances and communicates the information to the RN.
• Dons personal protective equipment according to policy and procedure.
• Disposes of biohazard waste appropriately.
• Actively participates in maintaining each patient’s dignity and safety at all time.
• Works collaboratively with all members of the health care team to assure that (1) each patient’s privacy is protected and (2) every patient record is considered strictly confidential.
• Assists in transferring the patient to and from the OR table to the transport cart.
• Functions in an efficient manner at all times.
• Opens and utilizes supplies and equipment judiciously.
• Restocks rooms accordingly to the established par stock lists. Updates par stock lists in conjunction with RN team members.
• Demonstrates consideration and cooperation with the operating room.
• Consistently exhibits professional interactions with managers, co-workers, physicians and all other operating room personnel.
• Demonstrates flexibility by accepting routine and non-routine assignments.
• Offers ideas for clinical/system improvements to the charge nurse or unit director.
• Participates, actively, in unit/are meetings.
• Notifies the schedule board coordinator or designee when assignments are completed and when leaving the operating room during work hours.
• Demonstrates sound judgment and decision-making at all times.
• Assists nursing personnel by carrying out additional duties as delegated.
• Supports Rush Oak Park Mission.
• Continually improves personal skills to ensure the highest quality patient care, education of patients, staff and students, research and community service.
• Treats patients, visitors, and staff in a caring manner with respect and dignity.
• Exhibits the spirit of team in working with other ROPH staff.
• Demonstrates a willingness to accept positive and negative feedback and change behavior as indicated.
• Utilizes the resources of the hospital in a responsible manner to accomplish daily work.
• Carries out the components of performance necessary for successful ROPH employees.
• Arrives on time, as scheduled and prepared to begin work.
• Attends training and educational programs identified by ROPH as necessary for this position.
• Provides age appropriate care, as necessary.
• Maintains a safe and orderly work environment.

Other information:
Required Job Qualifications:
• Graduate of accredited ORT program
• Entry level experience
• Analytic ability
• Effective written and oral communication skills utilizing repeat back strategies for patient safety.
• Must be able to interact effectively with others in difficult situations.
• Organizational skills for timely processes.
• Flexibility with schedule to accommodate staffing needs.
• Ability to document using electronic medical record systems, to check documents for errors and use a keyboard to enter or retrieve data.

Physical Demands:
• Requires the ability to walk throughout the medical center and to be standing and walking most of the designated shift.
• Work requires lifting and positioning patients, some of whom may exceed 400 pounds.
• Work conditions include performing procedures where carelessness could result in injury or illness and contact with potentially infectious materials and/or strong chemical agents.


To apply, please complete an application on their website using the link below.  After completing an application, please send an email to Denise Alexander at so we can contact the employer regarding your pending application.


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