Nursing Assistant

Purpose Workforce Solutions is currently looking to hire a Nursing Assistant for one of their clients.  To find out more details on the opportunity, please review the details below and visit their website:


  1. Direct patient care assists with the following tasks under the direction of a RN:
  • Orienting families to the ambulatory clinic area
  • Vital signs measurement per department standard
  • Documentation of patient data per department standard
  • Emptying fluid collection containers
  • Point of care testing/controls glucose, hemocult, urine dipstick
  • PO feeding, Bulb suctioning
  • Assisting with intra hospital transport
  • Providing comfort measures


  • Stocking and maintenance:
  • Changing needle boxes when 2/3 full
  • Distributing linen, Clean rooms after discharge
  • Replacing canisters, oxygen tubing, and nebulizers per protocol
  • Obtaining unit supplies


  • Clerical:
  • Entering labs into CHIP
  • Assisting with sending labs
  • Phone calling/paging as directed


  • Cleaning:
  • Keeping unit orderly
  • Cleaning equipment and toys
  • Checking and recording refrigerator temperatures, Checking and recording crash cart

Required Skills:

Certified Nursing Assistant or enrollment in an accredited nursing program with completion of a nursing fundamentals course

  • High school diploma/GED
  • Basic Life Support Certification required

To apply, please visit their website at //

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