Career Quick Start Webinars

The Career Quick Start Webinar series is part of Midwestern Career College’s commitment to helping students and alumni find gainful employment in their fields. In these videos, Shalom Klein, vice president of external affairs, goes over various topics related to finding employment. We encourage all students to complement their technical expertise with general career skills.

Episode 1: Creating a Professional Resume

Having a professional resume is crucial to getting hired. Find out what exactly employers are looking for in this episode of Career Quick Start.

Episode 2: How to Ace That Interview

Looking for a job can sometimes feel more like looking for an interview. But it’s important to know what to do once you actually get an interview also. These tips will help you build a positive connection with the interviewer and make the most of each opportunity.

Episode 3: Making a Great Impression

First impressions matter. Whether your first impression on a potential employer is your cover letter, or a referral from someone in your network, you want to make sure it’s a good one. This video has some great tips for getting making a positive and lasting impression.

Episode 4: Using LinkedIn to Let Employers Find You

Your next great job might come at any time if you make yourself visible to employers and recruiters who look on LinkedIn for people with your skill set. This video will show you how to make yourself accessible.

Episode 5: Making the Most Out of Your Externship

Your externship is a great place to network and get valuable job experience, and if you demonstrate key career skills, might take you on as a employee once your externship hours are through.