English Language Training (V-ESL)

Study format: Face-to-face
Start date: 4/30/2017
Duration: 2 Years, 11 Weeks/Term
Price: $990/Term

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Get $500 off when you enroll for one year of ESL classes now through April 15, 2017. Classes start April 30, 2017. To learn more, please call (312) 236-9000 and ask to speak with International Admissions. Mention ESL 500 to receive the discount.

Learn English in Chicago

Midwestern Career College’s intensive English as a Second Language Program (V-ESL) is designed to help nonnative speakers become more proficient in English. Our program will help you fully immerse yourself in the study of English. You’ll expand your vocabulary and improve your writing, reading, speaking, listening and comprehension skills for business environments as well as social and cultural settings.

Based on your language skill level, you’ll be placed in one of four levels:

Once you master one level in your study of English, you can move to the next one as you step up in your command of the English language. The Advanced ESL program will help you prepare for tests such as TOEFL on your journey to entering a U.S. college or university.

Low Tuition

We have one of the most affordable ESL programs in Chicago.

  • Tuition: $990 per 11-week term
  • Lab Fee: $90 per term
  • Books: FREE

Flexible Schedule

MCC offers very flexible schedules. You attend classes two days per week. Morning, evening and weekend schedules are available.

Convenient Location in Downtown Chicago

Midwestern Career College is located at 100 South Wacker Drive in the heart of downtown Chicago, close to many forms of public transportation.

  • CTA Trains: Washington/Wells stop on the CTA Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink and Orange lines
  • Ogilvie Transportation Center (Metra)
  • Union Station (Metra and Amtrak)
  • Numerous bus lines


Validated parking is available at 230 West Washington Avenue with student ID.

Beginner ESL

Through Midwestern Career College’s Beginner ESL program, you’ll master beginner vocabulary, explore the basics of writing and grammar, learn important reading strategies and gain confidence when speaking English.

High-Beginner ESL

In our High-Beginner ESL program, you’ll learn how to structure a grammatically correct paragraph. You’ll master some fundamental reading strategies such as previewing, predicting and using word and visual clues. You’ll become comfortable speaking about relatively simple topics with classmates, teachers and native English speakers.

Low-Intermediate ESL

In our Low-Intermediate ESL program, you’ll build on existing language skills or those skills acquired during the Beginner ESL track of the program. You’ll explore intermediate-level vocabulary, be introduced to more academic writing and reading strategie and be able to write expository paragraphs.

Intermediate ESL

In our Intermediate ESL program, you’ll learn intermediate-level grammatical concepts such as modal and passive verbs, verb structure and conditional sentences. You’ll also become comfortable speaking about more complex topics with classmates, instructors and native English speakers.

Upper-Intermediate ESL

In MCC’s Upper-Intermediate ESL program, you’ll learn upper-intermediate vocabulary and be able to discuss topics of greater complexity. You’ll learn how to distinguish between formal and informal American English. You’ll be introduced to common English-language idioms and essay writing. Overall, you’ll be able to speak about a wide range of subjects. You’ll also study the basics of research methods and how to write with more complexity and depth in evidence-driven compositions.

Advanced ESL

Through MCC’s Advanced ESL program, students will become prepared to enroll into academic college preparation courses. You’ll continue mastering reading strategies, idioms and colloquial expressions. You’ll focus on challenging grammatical areas of English, and you’ll become comfortable speaking on a variety of topics, including politics, news and economic issues. You’ll also learn to debate as a form of communication. Through this program, you’ll be be better prepared for tests such as the TOEFL, often required for international students for entrance to U.S. colleges and universities.

International Admission Requirements

Click here for information on admission requirements for international students.

Contact Us

For information on our Vocational English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) program, please contact (312) 236-9000.